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Insurance Woes

This business was destroyed by an electrical fire. With regular PAT Testing they would still be trading!The risk of Fire and/or electrocution from portable electrical appliances is something your insurance company is all to aware of. Lets face it, employees will never look after appliances like their own and damage is enevitable. Portable appliances are used and abused everyday and electrocution or fire caused by faulty electrical appliances is a very real threat, because of this insurers will frequently insist on regular PAT Testing.

Many Insurance companies stipulate PAT Testing as a condition of their insurance, trouble is they don’t always tell you! Check your policy carefully if you aren’t implementing a PAT Testing safety regime then your insurance could be null in void. Pat Testing is not only an essential part of your company's Health & Safety responsibilities it is also necessity for protecting your insurance policy.

This is the age of the “where there’s a blame there’s a claim” culture. On making a claim on your Public Liability Insurance, your insurer will insist on you producing evidence that your PAT Testing is on-going. You will also be asked to produce detailed and full reports of the appliances within your care to prove that you are showing due diligence towards electrical safety.

Moreover, when a claim is made in regard to any electrical accident involving portable appliances without the appropriate PAT report, insurance companies may decline your claim! How often have you heard of a claim for something or other being refused because the insurer found what seemed an insignificant clause? Can you afford to risk losing your business just because PAT Testing was something you didn’t know you had to have, forgot or were too apathetic to bother with?