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After Testing



All of the results produced by the Test instrument during testing are downloaded to computer at PAT Sure HQ, the results are then processed and backed up ready to be used later in compiling a detailed and comprehensive report. Once the Testing has been paid for we use the data we have stored to produce a series of reports which are then emailed as PDF's to the customer. As well as emailed reports (the greenest method) our customers also have the option of having their reports printed or we can also supply all the test data on a Data Disc. The disc comes with a built in data viewer that allows clients to examine and print their own reports in whatever detail they require.

Reports include;

Documents produced after PAT testing, they show the important details recorded during appliance testing,

  • Certificate:

Not strictly necessary, it’s the detailed test results that are the important bit. We supply a certificate because our customers like to have one.

  • Concise Asset List:

Used for stocktaking/asset management and depreciation, it is a record of all appliances tested.

  • Concise Latest Test Results:

Quick reference of when each appliance was tested, when re-testing is due and whether the item passed or failed.

  • Detailed Latest Test Results:

Itemised report consisting of full, individual test data. This is the most important document as it shows that PAT Sure properly tested every appliance and recorded the results in compliance with both the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and the IET code of practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

  • Faulty Equipment Register:

The register should be updated as appliances develop faults; require electrical maintenance or even disposal. This register is evidence that faulty appliances are being withdrawn from service, as per Regulation 29 of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 which states that it shall be a defence if it can be proved that all reasonable steps were taken and due diligence was exercised to avoid the commission of any offence under certain regulations.



Our system produces bespoke bar-coded labels and checklists that ensure continuity of numbering year after year. Each label also contains customisable site and location details to help keep track of appliances; these details are duplicated on all reports to help make single assets traceable.


On-going testing

Our software makes sure we never forget to call and make that PAT Test appointment Our scheduling systems enables us to contact customers as and when retests are due thus ensuring that tests are never allowed to lapse. Customers appliance testing will always be up to date; their company will always be protected.

To ensure the highest quality of workmanship PAT Sures’ inspectors are City & Guilds 2377 (11,12) Qualified. All work is completed to the industry standards as set out in the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (4th Edition). To maintain and safeguard our consistent high standards we use regularly calibrated PrimeTest 350 Test Instruments and software supplied by industry leaders Seaward.



We use industry leading systems to ensure PAT Sure’s testing will keep everyone safe. Should clients ever need to defend themselves against alleged breaches of legislation with regard to Portable Appliance Testing, or a PAT related insurance claim, they can be certain we have them covered. Our detailed reporting system will show that they did all that they could, and all that was necessary to protect appliance users from harm or fire.