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Test Instruments and Software

All our test equipment undergoes regular calibration at a UKAS accredited calibration center to ensure results conform to industry standards.

Overview of equipment taken from Seaward’s web site


Seawards PrimeTest 350 Portable appliance testing instrument


SEAWARD PrimeTest 350

The PrimeTest 350 PAT tester enables fast and efficient portable appliance testing. This handheld battery powered tester stores results and connects wirelessly to results printers and barcode scanners.

The PrimeTest 350's data logging feature means results, asset IDs, location and other data can be stored and transferred to PAT testing software such as the Seaward PATGuard Elite package for record keeping and traceability. Its vast range of tests include alternative leakage, 250V insulation and load is measured during the protective conductor and touch current tests.

Seawards Test n Tag Elite printer produces bespoke PAT testing labels


Test n Tag Elite

The new Test n Tag Elite printer is the latest addition to the Seaward Test n Tag range. An extremely rugged battery powered mobile printer which prints durable synthetic asset labels.

Long battery life and high impact resistance make it ideal for use in the field, whatever the environment. It has a high speed processor and large memory for quick and efficient processing of complex labels, graphics and fonts using Bluetooth wireless technology.


PATGuard Elite software is used to process and collate PAT Test results


PATGuard Elite 2

A top of the range premier PAT software package that is ideal for companies that PAT test on a regular basis and PAT test service companies. This PAT software program provides you with quick and easy, complete management of the PAT testing process.

PATGuard enables the downloading of results directly from a PAT tester with memory, creation of certificates, planning of re-tests and uploading information back into the tester. It's simple to use with extensive features including clear re-test identification, optional email alerts for re-testing, and an extensive range of reports that help to increase the speed of your business. PATGuard Elite uses Windows-based management of information so it is easy to learn how to use it.